Barmaid Paris

Brief : Find a corporation that works but there is something to solve. 

How many times have you been catfished by a person on tinder? I can’t count, me neither. It’s so annoying! You know what, we have the IA that evolves so fast. Why not use it to help us to find our perfect match. Just listen to this idea.

To lauch this new feature, it will be one day on tinder without normal profile that you can match but just funny catfish stories . The one which will received the most matches (likes) will be shared by Tinder on the social networks and will be awarded the price for the biggest catfish.

And you? what’s your worst catfish? 

Conception, Art Direction, Copywrinting &  Storytelling by Léa Colla 

Léa Colla

Paris - Montréal - New York - Stockholm

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