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Brief : Create a feature thinking how Spotify can make listening experience a social experience by enabling people to share the audio that matters most to them. 

People look for experiences which give us emotions and feelings for example how many times have we dreamt to live in a movie scene or how many times we imagined that movies and music would fit perfectly together in that magical moment? People can live again and again in their own favourite movie scenes just with their earpods. On the other hand they can also invent their own scenes in their lifes just with the same music. Discover new things, new feelings and new emotions that makes our life extraordinary. Spotify Automatic Music Finder helps people to add to their own Spotify playlist, music that they listen in their favorite films. The new feature in the app helps them to find movies that fit perfectly with their mood and also to help them discover so much more.

Copywriting by Joseph Loesch
Art Direction by Giulio Sergio Giraudi, Valentin Lerouvillois & Léa Colla 

Léa Colla

Paris - Montréal - New York - Stockholm

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