Art Director

Brief : LEGO Group’s mission is to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through the power of play. Use existing technology to show how creative play is an essential skill set to Rebuild the World.

To bring adults and kids together was the key of our strategy. We wanted to prove to the parents that if they left children play, kids can also make huge things and be proud. In this new generation, they are often confronted into screens and forget that a simple game like LEGO is essential to be more creative and to have a good development. It's up to the parents to have this consciousness and to guid them in a good way to make them grow. We have thought about using a projection mapping to bring them back to the beauty of the reality that they can built.

Copywriting by Florence Cussans
Strategy by Line Szegedi Jess
Art Direction by Louisa Delor & Léa Colla
Video by Louisa Delor

Léa Colla

Paris - Montréal - New York - Stockholm

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