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🏅Contest Hennessy 2023 - Best Serving ritual winner 
Le Syndicat des Alcools Français - Senior & Communication manager (France)
Pharmarium - Floor manager & Social media manager 



Léa Colla is a recent graduate from Berghs School of Communication in Advertising and Art Direction with a French master’s degree in Communications from, Strategy and Creative Advertising from EFAP Paris.  Born and raised in France, Lea is fluent in both French and English.As COVID-19 affected us all, now is the perfect time to invest into advertising for your restaurant. Please feel free to inquire with Lea in regard to your restaurant.

Skills & Experience: 
Floor manager & Experimented Bartender.

Experience as a social media and community manager to help on your social networks. Sponsorisation, statistics & other marketing tools to make your audience grow and be active. 

Create graphic design to renforce your visual identity and improve the content of your platforms.

Elaborate marketing and communication strategies. 

Skills as a photographer to show the best of your place.

Organisation of events to grow your network.

She is  dedicated to assist you and your restaurant needs to increase growth, attract customers, and market the restaurant to new and old clients and guarantee the success of your establishment.

With experience in both small and large companies, she is able to provide a unique perspective that can offer a variety of solutions. If you would like to look further into her experience and skills, please follow the link to her Linkedin. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact Léa. 

Léa Colla

Paris - Montréal - New York - Stockholm

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